FMTrader has been in the online trading business since 2013, and they’ve grown their customer base since they first opened their doors for trading.

The company has headquarters in London and Gibraltar. The company has more than 120 employees spread across five divisions: financial analysis, media, technology & information security, sales, and customer service. It’s a gigantic operation. Their team is highly qualified and experienced.

FMTrader’s mission is to help everyone become a trader. They want to see their customers get huge ROIs, and they do have some helpful tools & resources for novices to help out with that objective.


The platform can be accessed online – without the need to download any software of any kind. That makes it really easy for the novice user, because he can log in online just like he does with his email account.


Easy Interface: Anyone can understand how to use this simple platform.
Options, Options, & More Options: Choose from a list of more than 200 assets spread across four categories: Forex, Leading Stocks, International Indices, and Commodities.
Up-To-The-Minute Data: Get a ton of data in real-time to help you make trading decisions.


The site markets itself to four types of investors: novice, veteran, solid, or risk-oriented. They want to make sure as man people as possible can get in there and start trading!


Bonuses range in size from 20-40% and are based on the kind of account you open.

Mobile App

FMTrader has an awesome app for Android & iPhone that makes it easy to trade on the go.


The folks at FMTrader offer a ton of resources, tools, & educational help to ensure that all traders get the information they need to make profitable trading decisions.


The platform has several security safeguards in place to protect your information & money.


You can withdraw in one of four ways: wife transfer, credit card, CashU and Skrill.

FMTrader has several fraud-blocking measures in place to prevent your money from being withdrawn by unauthorized parties.

Customer Service

Customer service is valued highly at FMTrader. Client satisfaction is an important part of keeping a great reputation online. Unfortunately, there are some problems with the site, and customer satisfaction is down in some key areas. We’ll explore more of that below.

You can reach a customer service representative 24/7 by phone, email, or chat.

Should You Create An FMTrader Account?

It might not be such a good idea.

Let’s take a look at three of the biggest problems we found with the trading site. It’s a good idea to keep looking for another trader with a better reputation and record of service. Why chance your money, time, and investment portfolio on a site with a less-than-stellar reputation?

3 Huge Problems With FMTrader

Pushy Salesmen: Reports indicate that their salesmen won’t let up when it comes to you making a deposit. They harangue you to make deposits. At least, that’s what some are saying. No one likes to be bothered by unsolicited callers, spam mails, or junk mails. The last thing you’d want is a site you signed up for to be hounding you with requests for deposits. There are enough distractions as it is.

Slow Software: Some have said that the online platform is slow, lags a little, and is a little bit of a pain to use. Online, and in the trading world specifically, efficiency is everything. You need to be able to make a trade with the click of a button and have that trade go through instantly. You don’t want to have to wait minutes, or even seconds, to get from one page to another on the site. That can seriously hamper your trading experience.

Withdrawal Difficulty: Even though FMTrader advertises that it makes withdrawals easy, some customers have reported that it’s not so simple to make a withdrawal. A company with salesmen that hound you for deposits, which also makes withdrawals difficult, seems a little greedy. You’d hope a company would be confident enough to do otherwise.


FMTrader seems like a good trading site on the surface, but it has some serious problems that should cause the cautious consumer to think twice about signing up there

FMTrader Review

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