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Binary options signals and binary option robots can be used by traders in order to improve their trading strategy. These trading signal services have the potential to help even the average trader be more successful. Once you sign up for one of the recommended trading signal services you will save time on research and analyzing market data, which will allow you to focus solely on making a profit. Below you will find a list of reviews of the best and most accurate signal providers currently available.

After reviewing many signal providers there are several that we recommend. Readers can see the brands that we have tested and the ones that we recommend. We tend to support services that are free and offer auto delivery when possible. Additionally, we only provide recommendations for the services where we could verify our results.

Using Signals to Boost Profits

Many investors who are newer to the world of binary options trading likely have the question of how they can detect trading trends in order to make a profit.

There are two basic tools that are used, fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

Using fundamental analysis looks at the long term growth determinants such as liquidity analysis, price-earnings ratio, capital structure, etc. Technical analysis uses the idea that there are different patterns in the trading market and these can be used to create graphs that will then provide information about future moves in price.

Years of experience in the market are needed in order to understand these types of analysis. For individuals who do not have time to deeply analyze the market, signals can be extremely helpful. Signals are created by professionals who have years of experience in the field. They gather data and then form their recommendations that can then be used by less experienced traders to decide what they should do. Recommendations from professional and experienced traders typically will include an expiry time for the option, a strike price, and the direction the trader should choose when making their trade. Using these signals provided by a professional increases the chances that the investor will be more successful than if they were just making the trade on their own.

Signal Providers

In the world of binary options trading it is important to select an experienced and professional binary options signals service provider. Recent statistics show that the average signal services currently available reach win rates of around 65%. There are some binary options trading software programs that are attempting to implement algorithmic trading, but right now experts from financial institutions are currently the better choice when it comes to binary options.

Automated FMHarrison and woods logo

We extensively researched Automated Financial Markets and are happy to report that the company offers a reliable platform. The market signals provided by the company are accurate and can help improve your trading experience.

Behind Automated Financial Markets there is a team of 100 professional trading and financial analysts. These experts are constantly monitoring and analyzing the market for their traders. This means that as a trader with Automated FM you will save a large amount of research time as it will already be done for you. Once the professionals have come up with the data, sophisticated algorithms are used in order to process the data and produce the signals that traders can use to their advantage. Statistics show that the software from Automated Financial Markets is providing alerts with around a 87% success rate. When compared to some of the other scammers out there that claim the same or higher success rate, we can safely say that the claims made by Automated Financial Markets are true and provide a way for you to make a profit from binary options trading.

Additionally, Automated FM swept the past awards season and became the best signals service. This is just another reason why they can be considered as the recommended service of the year.

How Signals are Delivered to Traders

There are several ways that signals can be delivered to customers. One way is for the textual signal to be copied into a trading system and then placing the trade. Some signals are software instructions and the trader will simply click a button in order to make the trade. This type of trading is called auto trading.

When auto-trading software is chosen a trader will not need to place any trades as this will all be handled automatically by the software. There are some trading platforms that will provide this service on their end. Auto trading tends to be very user friendly and is often a preferred method for many investors, especially those who are just starting out.

In the past paying for a signal service was quite common. However, as the binary options industry has progressed there are more and more companies offering these services for free.