We are not going to start off with the normal doubt or cries of scam on XE Trader. Thankfully we can  say this is a product we do not doubt and are excited to see it hit the market. Today we are going to say you can try the XE Trader and expect to really get good results. The creators are the same people who brought the first Binary Options Robot,Option Bot 2. You can read our review on that product as well, Option Bot 2.  They are giving a 100% Enhanced Trader Guarantee, you can believe them.

XE Trader is more than just a new tool or Binary Option System. It promises to seamlessly bring together all your trading requirements in one clean interface, and offers the trader a trading education built in to the interface. XE Trader combines a currency pair trend indicator on 15 pairs, push signals both to the platform and SMS as well as copy trade signals.  This XE Trader the most flexible trading platform available on the market, a real step forward for the Binary Options trader.

Software Features

15 Currency Pair Indicators

We like the new look for this function. In the left hand side of the page they have the trend signals. “Remember the trend is your friend!” The various currency pairs are shown with flag icons, text labeled, with direction arrows and colored green for calls and red for puts. Very clear easy to read at a glance with absolutely no confusion what is meant.

Importable Settings

This is really a great new innovation they have added to the XE trader. The XE signals are generated by the pip movement (price up or down) and the time movement left to right 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, half an hour, and one hour has been the standard. When looking at Binary Option expiry times they are normally set in these time frames. This system has been stepped up to allow you to set both of these measurements the way you think is best number of pip movement up to 1000 minutes. This option allows the trader to customize their signals to fit their style of trading.  It really lets you in essence make your own rules for signals, larger moves, longer trades, or short time, minimum movement and anywhere in between. Being able to tweak the amount of pips and the time frame of the change is an advantage we have not seen anywhere before.

They also have a copy settings feature that will automatically assign the same settings derived from the daily analysis made by Ben Newman their expert trader. You can even have the system only give you signals on the pairs you want to trade.

Push Signals

New to the XE trader are push signals. This is a signal that has been typed into the systems by their experts. It describes the reasons behind it and gives a strike rate.

Here is an example; Nationwide Housing Price Figures released at 6 am expect GBP to strengthen against dollar at strike rate 1.5482. They will send these out before the event happens to give you time to set up and use your own good judgement on the amount of the trade and possible meaning to the market.

Also included will be included will be messages pushed through the system on what is going on in their trading webinars. Which if you opt in for the SMS will be real time signals to you. They are currently working on an Android and IPhone applications as well for this feature.

Economic Calendar

Another really smart feature that they have provided an on screen Economic Calendar so you can check timing and the importance of the events that day.  Everyday something happens that influences the mindset of the world wide trading community. To be successful a wise trader must follow what is happening.

Premium Signals Service

This one frankly blew my mind. They will be attaching a code to each of these Push Signals. They have subscribed to as Keith the founder put it “all of the Premium Signals Services”. The code will represent which service or source the information came from. They will be looking at all of the signals and determining which ones they think are the very best depending on market conditions. Those signals will be posted from 8 am CET to 8 pm CET. It is not a set number of Binary Option signals; it will depend on what is going on each day in the markets. We really have no way to guess the amount of money it would cost a single trader to subscribe to all the premium signal services, maybe $100,000 per month? This is included free as part of this complete Binary Option System.

Market Alarm Clock

Included is an alarm clock for the closing and opening of the various markets. This can be important information to the trader, opening usually it is a good time to trade. Conversely sometimes there is an unusual movement as the market closes. Large institutional traders closing the days position is often the reason behind this.

Daily Market Analysis and Updates

On the bottom left is on screen financial insights and bulletins.  You will find Ben Newman to be knowledgeable and succinct with his forecast and outlook. If his settings change during the trading day a new video will be automatically updated right there on the screen.

This Binary Option Systems is full of innovations we think that traders are going to be able to use profitably. The XE trader sells for an impressive 2,999 pounds but they will give it to you for free if you sign up with one of their brokers. As you saw in the video Keith was using Porter Finance and their sign up as you can see in our reviews is $200. That is your money to trade and you can have it back at any time.

Please let us know what your experiences are good or bad.

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