The Option Bot 2 is a web based trend trading software, a Currency Based System which can be synced to a number of different binary options brokers. You can accomplish Spread trading with multiple binary option brokers from the same platform. Option Bot 2 allows users to customize alerts based on various parameters. The Option Bot 2 is one of the only binary options signals software that allows traders to have full control over the signal expiry across several broker platforms.

The Option Bot 2 is not an AutoTrader the software performs a price analysis for various assets based on a trading script and algorithms. The analysis is automated, and then a signal is generated. Then the trader enters a trade manually via the Option Bot interface that is synced with multiple broker accounts. These are your accounts and when you access them from the software they have the same platform look they would have from outside the OptionBot2 platform. If you like a particular trading platform style it will be there.

Option Bot 2 Review This screen shot is an example of how the system works. The system generated a call signal for the GBP/USD where the red arrow is. Give or take a minute the market went straight up from there for an easy winning trade. This system is not for instant trades, it is a trend trader’s dream. It points out a good set up, gives you time to confirm with your own analysis and make the trade.

Understand that unlike some of the Binary Option Systems offered by binary options brokers, the Option Bot works differently. In the binary options systems marketplace there is not a single signals service with the same features and this is why the Option Bot is a unique product with a good 74%-82% win ratio. Live Chat and phone support available during market hours. If you are unhappy with the service, ask for help they will help. Refund if you like!

Is the Option Bot a Scam?

The unfortunate truth is that many Binary Option Systems advertise high performance and fail to deliver. You have read about some of them here, Millionairemaker, MegaProfix, Professor Anderson, 50K mission and many others of the disappointing services that left us with a bad taste. After seeing many good reviews and testimonials, we decided to ignore our everyday cynicism and give it a test before we gave the Option Bot 2 the “no way it can happen” review here.  After a couple weeks of testing the Option Bot 2, watching the daily market condition videos with Ben their expert trader and enjoying Keith’s honest scam reviews. I realized that I might be in for a pleasant surprise, because at around 76% ITM rate generated during the course the first few days, I was realizing that this couldn’t be just the normal chew up your money and run scam. As we have mentioned in other blogs, when you can use your own good judgement your winning percentages can vastly improve.  The Option Bot 2 is the best currency pairs signals service for binary options that points out good opportunities. Then lets you make good judgement calls and not just blindly take trades. Our doubts have been removed while continuing to succeed with winning percentages with the Option bot 2. If you are looking for a professional service with a track record and high performance, the Option Bot 2 is one of a kind and is a great choice for binary options traders.

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