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AutomatedBinary Review


As a binary options trader it is likely that you are always searching for a new tool to use in order to increase your profits. One tool that you may have come across is AutomatedBinary. This system offers many great benefits that can help even beginner traders become successful. 

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About AutomatedBinary

AutomatedBinary is a new automatic trading system. When compared to some of the other automated robots that are available this is the only one that currently offers traders the option of selecting their own trading preferences. This feature definitely makes the program stand out from all of the rest. 

Currently, it is unclear who created the AutomatedBinary system. However, when using the software it becomes clear that the person or team who created the software have a firm understanding about how binary options trading works. The reason for this is because the program is used by many well known brokers who have integrated the system with their brokerages. Some of the brokers that have integrated the software include Stockpair and Banc de Binary. Both of these are impressive brokers who would not associate their companies with a software program that is not legitimate or one that does not work. 

Creating an Account

Joining AutomatedBinary is quite easy. The entire setup process can be completed in about a minute. All you have to do in order to join the program is to visit the website and click on the button that says join now. Once you click this button you will be taken to the trading platform. Once you are on the trading platform you will need to click on the signup button. Once you have clicked on this button you will need to enter some information such as your name, email address, phone number, and password. You will also need to choose your preferred broker. 

It is important to note that the country in which you reside needs to be supported by the broker that you choose. 

Once the process is completed your account with your chosen broker will automatically be set up with the AutomatedBinary software. The next step will be to make a deposit into your account and then follow the steps provided by the trading system that you wish to use. You will also need to choose the signal indicators that you want to use within the system. 

How it Works

This system is actually pretty unique. Once your account is created you will be able to choose from 3 different systems. These systems include:
- Classic System: this is the most secure of the systems as the same amount is always traded.
- Martingale System: this is the system that is used by some of the most well-known professional gamblers. When using this system the amount traded after a loss is raised, which allows you to make a profit. It will then drop back to the original trade amount. While this system can be the most profitable, it also comes with the most risk. 
- Fibonacci System: This system works the best with currency pairs. It is fairly accurate and will raise your trades after losses, but drops trade amounts after wins. 

In addition to the three systems, there are also six signal indicators that can be used. More than one of the signals can be used at a time, but you will need to set them to at call or the signals will offset each other. 


For binary options traders who are looking for a new way to make their trades more profitable, the AutomatedBinary system is a great option. This software offers three different trading systems from which to choose, which allows traders to make trades that they are comfortable with. The signals that are available can help create trades that are more profitable as well. 

Overall, if you are a beginning trader or a professional trader, the AutomatedBinary system can be extremely helpful. You can choose which broker that you want to trade with and you also have the option of creating trades that you are comfortable with. If you are currently trading binary options, this software is definitely worth checking out.

Risk Warning: Your capital might be at risk.

Available brokers: 10
Avg. ITM: 77%
Recommended Deposit: $500
Minimum Deposit: $250
Minimum Investment: $5
Maximum Investment: $600
Maximum Returns: 75%
Assets: 12
Type: Auto-Trading
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Risk Warning: Your capital might be at risk.

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